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ITTB’s expert AI and ML engineers are well experienced in offering customs solutions for your business use cases. From RPA, chatbots, NLP to image recognition, ITTB’s end to end AI/ML solutions will push your business to the next stage.

Businesses need to automate and simplify repetitive tasks to enable the desired operational growth. This is where AI/ML use cases come in. AI/ML helps you in processing large amounts of data, give real-time assistance, provide business insights, and streamline sales efforts.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA is completely changing the way companies scrutinize processes, perform backend tasks, and monitor remote assets. The market size for RPA technology is expected to cross the $5 billion mark by the year 2020. ITTB is enabled with expert engineers and deep knowledge of RPA technology to assist you with intelligent automation solutions.

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers. They can be implemented in diverse domains like eCommerce, customer support, delivery services, entertainment, and more. Whether your business demands custom chatbots, IVR bots, conversation bots, or text bots, ITTB’s team can ensure the bot is tailor-made into your requirements.

Advanced Predictive Data Analytics

Truly becoming a data-driven enterprise requires businesses to be dependent on automating their processes. Execution of various business processes requires enterprises to automate several tasks dependent on predictive and advanced data analytics. With a greater velocity and reduced costs, ITTB helps enterprises in automating their tasks, quickening the execution, reducing the labor, and reducing any room for errors; with the help of learning algorithms designed targeted towards enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Natural Language Processing

For many modern-day organizations, NLP is becoming an essential skill leading to growth. From intelligent search, sentiment analysis, medical insights, chatbots, compliance monitoring to recruiting, and threat detection, NLP has proved its importance across domains. ITTB provides insightful and impactful NLP services to elevate your business strategy.

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Critical Importance of AI / ML (POV)

Real-time decision making

By leveraging ML algorithms, it becomes easy to process large amounts of data and extract the right information.
This information helps the decision-makers in deciding the right course of action.
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Spam Detection

ML has been successful in solving one of the most challenging problems of Spam detection. Compared to the rule-based technique of email providers to filter out spam, ML is coming up with new rules of detection.
These new rules are effectively recognizing spam mails globally.
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Product Recommendation Systems

ML algorithms identify hidden buying patterns and recommend similar products based on the patterns.
These recommendation systems are being used exhaustively in e-commerce platforms, travel portals, video streaming platforms and many more.
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Machine Learning Analyze

Machine learning can analyze patients’ interactions in the healthcare system and highlight which combinations of therapies in what sequence offer the highest success rates for patients; and maybe how this regime is different for different age ranges.
When combined with decisioning logic that incorporates resources (availability, effectiveness, budget, etc.), it’s possible to use the computers to model how scarce resources could be deployed with maximum efficiency to get the best-tailored regime for patients.
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Enhanced Security Performance

AI and ML algorithms help in monitoring network anomalies.
The network data can be assessed and predictive steps can be taken to counter any kind of threat.
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Healthcare for AI

Healthcare is a rich seam for AI but its application is far wider. For instance, machine learning could also support policymakers in planning housebuilding and social housing allocation initiatives, where they could both reduce the time for the decision but also make it more robust.
Using AI in infrastructural departments could allow road surface inspections to be continuously updated via cheap sensors or cameras in all council vehicles.
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