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The Need for Enterprise Content Management

Systematic collection and organization of any type of information is the key to an enterprise’s growth. The inescapable flow of incoming information for businesses is expected to grow over 4 times till 2021. To accommodate this growth, enterprises have to look at solutions that can handle this flood of new information on a much larger scale for better communication, collaboration, generating trends, and much more.

Simplifying complex operations, reducing overheads, and consistently providing optimum data-driven solutions is the distinguishing capability of ITTB digital. Enterprise Content Management requires intrinsic technical expertise in managing metadata, compliance, and security, which ITTB digital predominates in offering to businesses.


Data Management

Storing, Organizing, Enriching, and Verifying. These are the four pillars of meticulous data management services offered by ITTB Digital to streamline the process of accessing stored information for businesses. This process comprises of various elements such as managing user access to various resources, setting administrative liberties to the systems, and much more.

Compliance and Security

Let go of your data confidentiality concerns with meticulous security features for your CMS like audits, permission settings, etc. ITTB Digital also makes sure all the activities performed on CMS follow all the compliances for a smooth working experience. ITTB Digital takes care of all the domains of regulatory compliance of content, which ensures a safe and legal proceeding in your business’s ventures.

Integration and Tools

Asynchronously update and edit your documents on the go with smart tools offered by ITTB Digital that are seamlessly integrated with your systems.

Seamless Collaboration

Safe and secure sharing of files and data across omnichannel and multichannel platforms is the prevalent need for businesses today. ITTB Digital leverages the technological advancements of today’s generation and offers the most seamless way to collaborate and share information with your peers and partners.

Data Migration

Changing vendors of digital operations is a common occurrence for businesses. ITTB Digital helps you in taking inventory of your systems and data, designing a new and better workflow, and migrate your information seamlessly to the new channel after comprehensive testing of its rigidness.

CMS Development

Creating robust and innovative CMS that are customizable for businesses with leading industry technical experts is something ITTB Digital prides itself for.

Strategies Formulation

With comprehensively researched market data, ITTB Digital helps your business in creating targeted and effective Content Strategies to surpass your peers in the domain.

Consistently providing optimum data-driven solutions

Critical Importance of Enterprise Content Management (POV)

Information chaos is a prevalent problem statement that organizations and businesses are facing in today’s age. With valuable “data dumps” flooding in from every corner of the industry, the only viable solution for businesses to scale up is effective Content Management. The banking sector has prevailed with the advent of smart ECM solutions. For instance, 58% of the unstructured content and information used in enterprise business systems for banking is now stored within the enterprise systems due to the ease of integration purposes with various tools.

Here are some statistics to support the imminent requirement for ECM and how it can help in elevating your businesses’ capabilities:

Most used and adopted Information Technologies

by enterprises today are document management and records management preservation. Carrying forward the implementation of ECM in the banking sector, Portal Development, Record Management.
And Web Content Management have proven to be the key resources in increasing agility and optimizing costs, leading to the improved business performance of banks.
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60% of organizations have seen their ROI

on paper-free projects within a span of 12 months. With comprehensive workflow, seamless collaboration, and accurate capture of information, businesses have been able to achieve peak performance in customer satisfaction and reduced costs.
A procedural example of this would be the capturing of metadata tied to information for banks, which has helped banks in understanding customer patterns. Banks like HDFC have leveraged this technology to significantly boost their customer satisfaction and improve their customers’ journeys by tenfold!
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Document Automation

is seen as a game-changer by over 50% of organizations. But for over 70% of these organizations, key processes like this are less than 50% automated.
This implicates that the demand for ECM will grow exponentially in the very near future, and effective ECM service providers will have to take up the mantle of helping organizations with this domain of automation.
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Content Management Systems

Understand the dynamic content management systems.
As it can help businesses achieve their goals and effectively propel ECM.
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Over 34% of the organizations

are showing keen interest in exploring content collaboration, migration, and integration technologies. This is a direct precedent to how ECM will be the saving grace for organizations looking to expand their operations.
A direct example of this would be Finserv businesses, who have now achieved optimum functionality through 100% paperless operations like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).
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