Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP modules facilitates seamless flow of information

Managing business operations smoother and efficiently

By integrating various facets of the business, it optimizes the efficiency at which you manage your business and immensely contributes to profitability.

It can also add value by automating the administrative-back-office work and enhance the overall performance of cross functional departments.


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Critical Importance Of Enterprise Resource Planning (POV)

Purchasing Management Module

Purchasing module helps in streamlining all the tasks related to procurement of the raw materials. PM is best utilized when integrates with the inventory and supply chain management module to ensure that the entire operations.
Related to movement and purchase of inventory is centralized and accessible to all other departments.
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Project Management Module

ERP modules are very useful to manage and track the project by overviewing all the tasks and progress and we can assure that they do not exceed the timeline. PMP module overview the resource allocation and can adjust the workflow speed to get maximum productivity.
It can help to examine real-time cost and budget monitoring as project moves along timeline to take corrective measure to get it right on track to finish on deadline.
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Finance Management Module

Finance module is one of the most admired and important ERP system modules. It can help you to manage all the cash flows and can assist in other finance features like ledger management, reconciliation etc.
Management can track their money on a single click with real time cost and budgeting to monitor and allocate the right fraction to right department and projects.
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Sales and Marketing Management Module

Sales and marketing module helps to maintain records of essential sales data including customer contact, lead generation, quotations received and sent, invoices, customer in pipeline etc.
With this, organizations can control their marketing campaigns related to lead engagement, email marketing and success rate, and SEO statistics.
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Inventory Management Module

Inventory modules can help in automating highly complex inventory and sales order management. Inventory management is often most focused area for organizations as managing inventory is most critical and for cost it incurs.
For that, Inventory module can help in finding out what is there in stock, where is it located and from how long?
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Human Resource management Module

HRM module helps in effective management of employees. To create and maintain employee database, it allows HR personnel to have this data at their tables, making continuous engagement with employees.
HRM helps in all activities including salary payment pay-slip generation, disbursement and payroll management.
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